• Meet Dona Luz Mila Gonzalez

    We work directly with Female Farmers to support closing the gender pay gap in coffee farming. Don Luz Mila Gonzalez is one of our female farmers and her microlot in Colombia is where our organic, single origin 100% Arabica is from. Mila's coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated and hand-sorted to remove any defects.

    Support women in coffee farming and help us close the gender pay gap whilst tasting some of the best coffee on the planet!

  • We Roast Your Coffee to Order

    We roast your coffee to order so that you taste the coffee at it's absolute best and are able to experience the natural aroma's in the beans.

    With notes of chocolate, warm caramel and yellow dried fruits, it takes you on a journey of Colombia's finest fincas at 1800 feet, where this unique variety of coffee is a cross between Timor Hybrid (Sweet, Chocolatey and Earthy), Bourbon (Caramel, Toffee Butter), and Typica (sweet, clear and smooth).

  • Why is fresh coffee important?

    Did you know that coffee is at it's most aromatic a few days after roast, and one week after opening, it starts to lose it's flavour. So buying smaller 250 gram bags per person per week and making your coffee cafe fresh, ensures you are getting the best flavour out of the coffee. AND good coffee makes us happy!

    Hail Mary's offers one off coffee purchases but you can also set and forget with our weekly subscription that offers a 10% discount.